Top 20 Reasons Why India is the Best Country in the World?

Top 20 Reasons Why India is the Best Country in the World?

Why should you be proud as an Indian? There are a thousand reasons to love India and having proud as an Indian. In this article, we've listed

Top 20 Reasons Why You Should be Proud as an Indian

  1. India is a free nation. Indians are free to do their favorite things.

  2. India has powerful domestic as well as international foreign policies.

  3. Always got the best leadership.

  4. Indian politicians have an attachment to the country.

  5. Indians outside India never forget their roots.

  6. Indians love science & technology. Indians have contributed a lot towards science not only math but also linguistics.

  7. India always helps neighboring countries. From not only a food perspective but also security, technology, and development.

  8. Indians are extremely possessive towards their borders. Stay away from our borders please, don't let us threaten you. Otherwise, we're very secular and kind. But, not so courteous about our borders, lands, and waters.

  9. One will never fill disappointed in holding an Indian passport. It all comes with more than thousands of years of legacy.

  10. The culture is rich. South, East, West, and North all parts of India celebrate different festivals, and celebrations and have a diverse culture. It is a big country with awesome culture, festivals, and things.

  11. Foreign reserves are heavy compared to other worlds.

  12. India's software industry is number one. The IT services are world-class, value-for-money services.

  13. India is exporting a whole lot of things. Not only food grains, but also, auto-vehicles, software services, and so on.

  14. The Indian education system is amazing. People from Indian universities have gained top ranks in multinational countries.

  15. Continuous work over the last 75 years of history has made India a great nation, and, recently India has surpassed the UK economy and gained the fifth largest place in the world.

  16. Leaving the whole world behind and leading the third-world countries towards fortune is India's all-time policy. And, Indian leaders have been working hard to achieve this goal.

  17. Even common Indians never forget their duties towards the country.

  18. Indian historians are a thoughtful clan they are bringing Indian history and legacy back.

  19. India's current Prime Minister at the time of writing this article Shri. Narendra Modi is a strong personality. The current foreign minister Shri S. Jaishankar plays a vital role in bringing India in front of international politics.

  20. The recent launch of INS Vikrant has made India the most powerful country in the world.

There are thousands of things to feel proud of as an Indian. We will see more Indian goodness in upcoming posts. Till then, share this article with your friends and let's know your opinion.