Old Popular Doordarshan TV Shows Part 1

Old Popular Doordarshan TV Shows Part 1

Old Doordarshan TV shows gives a dose of nostalgia. The great entertaning shows recalls those good old memories. In this article we have brought to you to the list of such popular 90s and 2000s nostalgic tv shows.

Still recalling those good old days gives a nostalgic feeling. We used to wait for Saturday and Sunday just to watch our favourite TV shows, movies, music shows, Marathi movies and so on.

1. Shaktiman

My favourite TV show is Shaktimaan. True nostalgic for each 90s kid. The show we watched in our neighbor's house. The show for which we were crazy. We used to collect shaktimaan stickers, posters. We’re pretty sure Shaktimaan is real, at least for us.

Shaktiman Indian Old TV Show

Shaktiman was a kids TV show where everyone's favourite superhero Shaktimaan used to save Mumbai city from evil attacks. Not to mention villain was the one who always frightening to us at that time. The “Tamraj Kilvish” character was extremely frightening and so powerful that even Shaktiman had to give a tough fight when dealing with his candidates.

Shaktiman's Guru - Tom Alter

Gangadhar the alter ego of Shaktiman was the funniest character appearing in Shaktiman. He was a public side of Shaktiman by playing a silly, funny photographer associated with a news channel. Gangadhar was working as an assistant to famous TV news reporter Geeta Vishwas.

Gangadhar hi shaktiman hai

There is a lot more to talk about this show. We’ll have a separate post on that soon.

2. Rangoli

Musical TV show of the 90s. It aired every Sunday around 7:30 am. It used to feature popular songs from Indian movies. I still remember on every Deepavali the famous song “Deepavali Manai Suhani” was played.Rangoli - Doordarshan TV Show

It’s not like I was a fan of this show, but, still it is nostalgic to me and many like me as well. Because, it gives the feeling of the old days where you’ve to stick to a specific theme only. There were no choices about what to listen or what to watch. We’ve to watch whatever they show on screen.

But, still we 90s kids remember those good days as old peaceful memories. Can today’s kids understand how easy it was for us to follow the schedule and still unsure what they will play on screen. Lol.

3. Detective Karan

One of my favourite detective TV shows. The character of Detective Karan is portrayed by Kiran Kumar. It was my favorite TV show in my childhood. Detective fiction has always been a topic of curiosity among us. And, having a TV show like this was entertaining for us at that time.

Detective Karan - Old Doordarshan TV Show

 Reading fiction is another level, but watching it on screen from a 90s point of view is nostalgic for me. Not only Detective Karan but also other TV shows like Inspector Vijay, Surag and Ankhein were some other detective TV shows we used to wait for.

4. Aankhein

Carlos in Aankhein Old TV Show

It used to air on Thursday night around 11pm. There was a team of majors/detectives whose goal was to catch the dangerous villain Carlos. Carlos was an enemy of the country and Kernel’s team were on the mission to stop him. Col. Dhyanchand was a main character leading other 5-7 officers.

Indian TV Shows Ankhein

Every episode featured a separate operation carried on by Carlos. And, each time Col. Dhyanchand’s team managed to stop him and interfere with his miscichous goals.

5. Alif Laila

90s Fiction TV show was to air on Monday evening around 9 pm. Children loved this show mostly, but even older audiences used to wait for this show every Monday. The story was set in some old time mythological era. The character of Crursingh (Yakkooo) was very popular among youngsters. Alif Laila - Nostalgic Doordarshan TV Show

The theme was relatively the same as the TV shows, but, still, we used to sit in front of the TV screen. The days’ were nostalgic, I told you. 

6. Malgudi Days

An old TV show on doordarshan was one of the most popular among serious watchers. It was initially broadcasted in 1986. The fourth season was aired in 2006. It has 15 episodes in total. It was filmed in both Hindi as well as English.

Malgudi Days - Nostalgic Doordarshan TV Shows

The series features various stories from the books written by R. K. Narayan such as Malgudi Days, etc. Malgudi Days is a collection of short stories by R. K. Narayan published in 1943 by Indian Thought Publications.

7. Tehkikaat

Tehkikaat is a Hindi language crime drama series starring Vijay Anand as Sam D'Silva and Saurabh Shukla as Gopichand. Two private detectives, embark on different quests to solve various murder mysteries. This hindi crime thriller was so popular among all types of audiences from youngsters to older ones. Tehkikaat तहकीकात - Doordarshan

This Karan Razdan produced crime show featured around 52 episodes. It was aired between 1994 - 1995. The show was directed by Vijay Anand, Shekhar Kapoor, & Karan Razdan. With its unique Sherlock Holmes’ style character setup the show won Indian hearts.

8. Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani

Top amongst the 90s popular Doordarshan TV shows. It was a comedy/entertainment TV show featuring a family where three brothers are living a happy life with their father and wives. Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani - 90s Hindi TV Show

A lot of then popular veterans were part of “Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani” . We are including this in this list because all 90s kids can understand the nostalgia it gives.

9. Shriman Shrimati

Sriman Smriti is an Indian Hindi comedy serial. It started airing first on Doordarshan and then on Sab TV. It was first broadcast in the year 1989. Keshav Kulkarni AKA Kekuji and Dilruba lead 90s TV shows that were extremely popular among the people.

Shriman Shrimati Old TV Show

Because of its comic nature it earned an important place in everyday schedules. The veterans like Jatin Kanakia, Reema Lagoo, Rakesh Bedi, Archana Puran Singh featured in this show.

10. Aap Beeti

90s Horror TV shows were real goosebump factories. Even the music was scary enough to sleepless nights. One thing we always argued about in this show was that the ghost was a female one. Lol.

And, at the end of each episode was a female ghost explaining why it killed so many people throughout the episode.

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